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Welcome to Eden Life Weight Loss Clinic – where your success is our success. Eden Life has a uniquely successful approach to weight loss. We believe that people are overweight because of various biochemical imbalances which either make them overeat without becoming full or which cause them to store every morsel they eat as fat, or in the worst-case scenario – both!

Together with our team of doctors or the patients’ own doctor, we assess the imbalance. We then use products of herbal extract together with really easy and fun eating plans to assist in regulating the biochemical imbalances. Once these are regulated, the weight loss and even more importantly the weight maintenance happens easily.

Our program consists of various products, as well as really easy-to-follow eating plans which assist in enhancing insulin sensitivity, enhancing thermo-genesis of carbohydrate foods, enhancing the body’s metabolic rate, and retaining and building lean muscle.

As many of you may know, obesity is associated with carbohydrate craving in 100% of obese women and 70% of obese men. 

When releasing an excessive amount of insulin, your serotonin starts to drop; this causes cravings, which then makes you eat more carbohydrates. Furthermore, the body’s fat-storing mechanisms are increased, so whatever you eat will then be stored as fat.

Complete self-control will be afforded, by regulating your insulin release and increasing your serotonin; you will then be able to say no to fattening foods at ease.

We at Eden Life are here to help you. Our main priority is to ensure that you succeed in your quest to lose weight. Your goal is our goal. Your success is our success, and we are with you as you journey along this road to a slimmer, healthier you.

Lose weight now by following Eden Life’s clinically proven approach to weight loss. You can have rapid fat loss by following some very easy diet plans and taking our amazing supplements. Lose weight and feel great with Eden Life’s great approach to weight loss. We have helped celebrities lose fat very quickly and have been the leading weight loss clinic in Sandton, Johannesburg for over 15 years.


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Eden Life Wellness Clinic is a professional team aimed at getting the best results for your health!